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Category Archives: electronics

Induction heating to remove seized bolt

Working on replacing the timing chain gasket on my 99 ford explorer 5.0 got to the point of some seized bolts and not sure what to do. using a big blow torch sounds like it would work best but I don’t have one and I don’t want to strip my motor down enough to do […]

sparkfun quadstep driver refactor

i bought a quadstep from sparkfun to run stepper motors. the supplied arduino driver did a good job of showing the quadsteps functionality is free was limited to the arduino mega had hardcoded pins could use some cleanup   i have also been reading clean code: a handbook of agile software craftsmanship by robert martin […]

new computer ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric ocelot) install

i finally purchased a new computer. my how how things change. last time around an atx power supply was an atx power supply. this time i researched enough to know i needed a 20+4 main supply plug. i failed to research the 4+4 cpu power supply plug and as a result i had to purchase […]

openrave install on ubuntu 9.04

first go earlier this week i unsuccessfully tried to install it. there were no directions for 9.04 on the wiki. using the directions for 8.10 the build failed: [ 96%] Building CXX object plugins/qtcoinrave/CMakeFiles/qtcoinrave.dir/aviUtil.o openrave/plugins/qtcoinrave/aviUtil.cpp:456:29: error: ffmpeg/avformat.h: No such file or directory openrave/plugins/qtcoinrave/aviUtil.cpp:457:28: error: ffmpeg/avcodec.h: No such file or directory second go The wiki was […]

ghetto reflow banana bread

solder reflowing is the method used to attach tiny surface mount chips to circuit boards. when this method is done properly it is very technical. i guess and do it while making banana bread. my little sister’s Compaq Presario V3000 exhibited a common problem. if moved while operating it would crash, freeze or reset. eventually […]