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Monthly Archives: April 2012

sparkfun quadstep driver refactor

i bought a quadstep from sparkfun to run stepper motors. the supplied arduino driver did a good job of showing the quadsteps functionality is free was limited to the arduino mega had hardcoded pins could use some cleanup   i have also been reading clean code: a handbook of agile software craftsmanship by robert martin […]

i have been a busy boy

in the last 2 years i bought/remodeled a house and met my soon to be wife. i hope to update this more often with house and robot projects. here are some pictures to say what my words can not.

new computer ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric ocelot) install

i finally purchased a new computer. my how how things change. last time around an atx power supply was an atx power supply. this time i researched enough to know i needed a 20+4 main supply plug. i failed to research the 4+4 cpu power supply plug and as a result i had to purchase […]