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Induction heating to remove seized bolt

Working on replacing the timing chain gasket on my 99 ford explorer 5.0

got to the point of some seized bolts and not sure what to do.

using a big blow torch sounds like it would work best but I don’t have one and I don’t want to strip my motor down enough to do it safety.

After a while I remembered inductive heating. Fortunatly there is a tool for that! Unfortunatly it is like $500. But it works really well!

After some more thinking I decided to go more of the DIY route and bought this for $13.

I needed a power supply so I grabbed an old PC power supply. Using some yellow 12 volt wires and the black ground wires. Needed to add a power button by bridgeing the green and black wires on the 20 pin connector

Yay it heats up a paper clip to red hot in about 8 seconds!

I needed some sort of project case to use in the actual repair!

The bolt I needed to heat up was larger then a paperclip so it took longer to heat up. Doing a bench test after about 2 minutes I was able to get the bolt to about 600 degrees!

In the end I couldn’t generate enough heat when the bolt was in the block using the $13 inductive heating unit. A $55 handheld torch did the job.

Gasket replaced!

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